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As an grownup i needed to extend my vocabulary and this has been a very good ebook for that aim. i'd definately reccomend.

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37 501 Vocabulary Questions Match the person or thing in Column A with the action he, she, or it might perform in Column B. Column A Column B 81. slaveholder, to a slave 82. a rosebush in spring 83. a lawmaking authority, to its beguile burgeon constituents careen 84. a tornado or earthquake, to a 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. decimate city a car out of control a mother, to a misbehaving child a ghost in a horror movie a desperate political candidate, against his opponent a small-time swindler a group of rebels, to a government fetter fulminate interdict petrify subvert upbraid Read sentences 91–100 carefully.

His flagging spirits were ________(ed) by the news that a publisher had accepted his manuscript. 38 501 Vocabulary Questions 94. Once a month, I spend a Saturday afternoon ________(ing) my silverware. 95. Saul ________(ed) every remark that Bernadette made, and she grew weary of his interruptions. 96. Her career as a dancer was ________(ed) because of a skiing accident. 97. The strike was ________(ed) by last-minute concessions by management. 98. At the end of Frankenstein, the creature ________(s) himself in a giant funeral pyre.

Catholics believe that going to confession gives them ________ from their sins. 115. The Athenian lawmaker Draco was known to ________ citizens for the most minor offenses. 116. The ________ students were given two-week suspensions and required to complete 20 hours of community service. 117. Edna ________ (ed) the children for not doing their homework. 118. The ________ of the crime shocked even the most hardened detectives. 119. The judge granted Mason a ________ when another man confessed to the crime.

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