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Muenchen: Lincom Europa. Böhm, Gerhard (1987) Präfixkonjugation und Suffixkonjugation in den omotischen Sprachen [Prefix conjugation and suffix conjugation in Omotic languages]. In: Hermann Jungraithmayr and W. W. ) Proceedings of the fourth international Hamito-Semitoc congress, Hamburg, September 20-22, 1983, 27 169-193. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Borelli, J. (1890) Vocabulaire de la langue Koullo [A vocabulary of Kullo]. In: Etiopia meridionale, 449-462. Paris: Librairies-Impriméries réunies.

E. ‘ Having said that reliable genetic classification of languages should be based on morphological criteria because the morphology represents the most conservative and intimate part of a language, Lamberti (1991: 556-558) gives the following as evidence 14 Hayward (1990a: ix) says that ‗there have been those who have felt unhappy about the inclusion of Omotic within Afroasiatic at all‘, and refers to Newman, P (1980) The classification of Chadic within Afroasiatic. Universitaire pers Leiden. Unfortunately I could not access the work.

I also had chances to observe Wolaytta culture directly. I would not need to summarize what I learned about Wolaytta culture here. I am not an expert in ethnology, and thus I am incompetent to analyze and describe them properly. What is more, useful summaries on this issue are found in Adams (1983: 26-27) and in Lamberti and Sottile (1997: 15-19). 7-1) would be useful. 5. 7-1) Bureau, J. (1980-1982) Comment s‘écrit l‘histoire d‘une province d‘Éthiopie: le Wollaita [How is the history of a province of Ethiopia written: Wolaytta].

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