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By Douglas Richard Parks, Lula Nora Pratt

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Sibilant Loss Rule. When c immediately follows the two-consonant cluster ks, the s of the cluster is dropped. A + ut- PREV + i- SEQ + uksJUSS + ciir ‘be energetic’ + -Ø (-uk ‘be’) Rule 19. Alveolar Dissimilation Rule. A common underlying sequence across morpheme boundaries is t + t. A + utPREV + tat- ‘stalk; plant’ + caaka ‘be protruding’ + -Ø PERF Rule 20. Consonant Degemination Rule. When two identical consonants come together, one is lost, resulting in a single (short) consonant. This rule applies only after the consonantal changes specified by previous rules.

As well as being numerous, the grammatical categories of the verb are largely marked by prefixes. Verbs in this dictionary are listed in their stem form, without inflectional affixes. Hence when the user looks up an inflected verb, it is necessary to recognize the prefixes in order to be able to isolate the stem. 29 30 GRAMMATICAL OVERVIEW Nominal inflection is generally restricted to two categories–case and plurality– but kinship terms are uniquely inflected for inalienable possession (see appendix 2).

The Inner Prefix Template 9 EVIDENTIALS 10 MODALS 12 13 14 AGENT INCLUSIVE AGENT PL, EVIDENTIAL PRONOUNS, PRONOUNS AGENT POSS, 11 OBVIATIVE PREVERB 15 16 17 18 19 20 PATIENT INFINITIVE PHYSICAL AGENT POSS, RESULTATIVE/ AORIST, PRONOUNS MODAL POSSESSION BENEFACTIVE, SEQUENTIAL JUSSIVE PREVERB 21 22 23 24 25 26 ADVERBIALS AGENT PL, PATIENT PL, INDIV AGT PL, NOUN ± PL STEM POSS PL, PATIENT PL PATIENT PL INDIR PAT PL Mode. Every verb must be inflected for mode. There are nine non-subordinate (or independent) and four subordinate modes [table 7:10], one of which, the infinitive, is discontinuous [table 7:16].

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A dictionary of Skiri Pawnee (Studies in the Anthropology of North American Indians) by Douglas Richard Parks, Lula Nora Pratt

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