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In the case of an error or exception during the execution of this function, the promise returned by then will enter the error state. onError: This handler will be called when the promise breaks and it is fulfilled with an error; the value returned from onError will become the value of the promise returned by the then method. Instead of passing a value as in the onComplete function, here the error will be passed as an argument. °° onProgress: This handler is used if we need to report the progress of a promises operation.

Furthermore, this onerror event is fired whenever a runtime error is raised in any promise regardless of whether this event is handled somewhere else or not. The error handler can aid in debugging, where it can be used to set breakpoints and provide error logging. However, it will only provide insight and details on the code or input that caused the error at the end of the day. This onerror event delivers a general error-handling mechanism. promise; } [ 48 ] Chapter 5 The first line of the code sample is simply attaching the errorHandler function to the onerror event of the promise object.

SetTimeout function to simulate an asynchronous operation that needs some time to finish. It will fulfill the promise by resolving it after a given time. Next, we call shout with the then method inside which we have defined what it will do when the promise is fulfilled. insertAdjacentHTML function. This will display the value alongside the content of the div element that contains the text Promise fulfilled in a small font. Next, we define a new variable newVal, assign the text Shout Again! to it, and return it.

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