Sanya Osha (auth.)'s African Postcolonial Modernity: Informal Subjectivities and PDF

By Sanya Osha (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1137446935

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This quest for essentialisms is a quest for cultural and political hegemony just as it is also a struggle for personal and collective survival in the face of what is conceived as an onslaught led by Western imperial capital. 44 Petrolic capitalism and the numerous social dislocations brought about in its wake are in several ways responsible for the growth of Islamic fundamentalism. The Maitatsine revolt that occurred in the northern city of Kano in 1980 can be read as a subaltern response to the disempowering articulations of global capital within a disavowed local space.

Instead, authoritarian regimes with viable economic programs are required to change the political and economic fortunes of Africa for the better. This thesis would disappoint many African subjects for whom the appeal of democracy has seduced. In essence, confronting the problem caused by tremendous environmental stress appears to be a much worthwhile project than pursing unviable democratic experiments as many nations in Africa have demonstrated. Presently, a considerably large proportion of African subjects continue to await the dividends of democracy.

African governments cannot meet the welfare needs of their citizens. In order to maintain a semblance of balance, many African cities have to rely on various kinds of multinational organizations in addition to bilateral and multilateral agreements to secure funds for a variety of urban services. The economic downturn has led to a drastic reduction of the size of the public sector and considerable instances of unemployment. 21 People are simply compelled to be resourceful in the relays of subjectivity as this is connected to their having access to all manner of resources.

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