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By Barbara Jund

ISBN-10: 1576854868

ISBN-13: 9781576854860

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You can save ᎏ5ᎏ the cost of a new washing machine by paying cash. The sale price of the washing machine 1 you plan to buy is $400. What is the regular price of the washing machine? ) 23. You have an exercise regimen that includes doing sit-ups. You are currently doing 5 more than twice the number of sit-ups that you did when you started your exercise program. You can currently do 35 sit-ups. How many did you do when you started exercising? 24. In Crissy’s class, there are 3 more than twice as many girls as boys.

And w = 11 ft? w ᎏ where Clark’s Rule is commonly used to calculate the children’s dosage of a medication. Clark’s Rule is: C = A · ᎏ 150 C = child’s dose A = adult’s dose w = weight of child in pounds Use Clark’s Rule to solve problems 9, 10, and 11. 9. If the adult’s dosage is 60 cc, find the child’s dosage if the child weighs 50 lbs. 10. If the child weighs 90 lbs. and the adult dosage is 70 cc, what is the correct dosage to give a child? 11. How much would a child need to weigh to receive the adult dosage if the adult dosage is 80 cc?

3x – 6 = 3(1 + 2x) ______32. 5x + 3x + 2 = 4(2x + 1) – 2 ______35. 11x – 3 + 4x = 3(5x – 2) + 4 ______33. 4x + 3(x + 3) = 7(x + 1) + 2 Applications Use a variable to write an equation that represents the problem. Then solve the equation to get the answer to the problem. Example: Your dental insurance company will pay 80% of all fillings after you have met the deductible of $200. For a recent fillings bill, the insurance company paid $176. What was the original dental bill? Let x = the original dental bill.

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