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This booklet, the inaugural quantity within the collage Lecture sequence, is predicated on lectures offered at Pennsylvania kingdom collage in February 1987. The lectures try to supply a flavor of the accomplishments of manifold topology during the last 30 years. through the overdue Nineteen Fifties, algebra and topology had produced a winning and lovely fusion.

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This self-contained remedy assumes just some wisdom of genuine numbers and actual research. the 1st 3 chapters concentrate on the fundamentals of point-set topology, and then the textual content proceeds to homology teams and non-stop mapping, barycentric subdivision, and simplicial complexes. routines shape an essential component of the textual content.

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This publication relies on a graduate direction taught via the writer on the collage of Maryland. The lecture notes were revised and augmented through examples. the 1st chapters strengthen the common conception of Artin Braid teams, either geometrically and through homotopy thought, and talk about the hyperlink among knot thought and the combinatorics of braid teams via Markou's Theorem.

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Lately, for fixing difficulties of algebraic topology and, specifically, tricky difficulties of homotopy conception, algebraic constructions extra complex than simply a topological monoid, an algebra, a coalgebra, and so forth. , were used increasingly more frequently. A handy language for describing a number of constructions bobbing up evidently on topological areas and on their cohomology and homotopy teams is the language of operads and algebras over an operad.

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6. (Mayer-Vietoris for Singular Cohomology) Suppose X = U ∪ V with U, V open. Then we have the following long exact sequence, j ∗ +j ∗ i∗ −i∗ V V U U −−→ H n (U ∩ V ) −−−−→ · · · −−→ H N (U ) ⊕ H N (V ) −− · · · −−−−→ H n+1 (U ∩ V ) −−−−→ H n (X) −− where jU : U → X, jV : V → X, iU : U ∩ V → U and iV : U ∩ V → V are the inclusions. Proof. We have the short exact sequence of chain complexes, (jU )∗ +(jV )∗ (iU )∗ −(iV )∗ 0 −−−−→ S∗ (U ∩ V ) −−−−−−−−→ S∗ (U ) ⊕ S∗ (V ) −−−−−−−−→ S∗small (X) −−−−→ 0 Dualizing, we obtain, 48 (iU )∗ +−(iV )∗ (jU )∗ +(jV )∗ ∗ (X) −−−−−−−−→ S ∗ (U ) ⊕ S ∗ (V ) −−−−−−−−−→ S ∗ (U ∩ V ) −−−−→ 0 0 −−−−→ Ssmall This gives rise to a long exact sequence in cohomology.

We proceed by induction on n. Suppose that we have Hk (S n−1 ) = Z k = n − 1, 0 0 otherwise for some n − 1 ≥ 1. Choose a point p ∈ S n and let p∗ be the antipodal point. Let U = S n − {p} and V = S n − {p∗ }. Then {U, V } is an open cover of S n . Applying Mayer-Vietoris, we obtain the long exact sequence: · · · → Hk (U ∩ V ) → Hk (U ) ⊕ Hk (V ) → Hk (S n ) → Hk−1 (U ∩ V ) → · · · . Both U and V are homeomorphic to Rn and hence are contractible. Then by the homotoppy axiom, Z ∗=0 H∗ (U ) = H∗ (V ) ∼ = 0 otherwise As an exercise, show that, U ∩ V = S n − {p} − {p∗ } is homotopy equivalent to S n−1 , and so by the homotopy axiom and the inductive hypothesis, H∗ (U ∩ V ) ∼ = = H∗ (S n−1 ) ∼ Z ∗ = 0, n − 1 0 otherwise Putting these into the Mayer-Vietoris long exact sequence, we see that for k ≥ 2.

Let (X, A) be a pair of topological spaces. Dual to the short exact sequence 0 → S∗ (A) → S∗ (X) → S∗ (X, A) → 0 is the short exact sequence 0 → S ∗ (X, A) → S ∗ (X) → S ∗ (A) → 0. Where S ∗ (X, A) is defined to be the kernel of the map induced by the inclusion, i∗ : S ∗ (X) → S ∗ (A). This dual sequence is exact since S∗ (X, A) is free abelian, and hence the first short exact sequence splits. 5. (The Long Exact Sequence of a Pair for Singular Cohomology) For a pair of topological spaces (X, A), there is a long exact sequence in cohomology: β · · · −−−−→ H k (X, A) −−−−→ H k (X) −−−−→ H k (A) −−−−→ H k+1 (X, A) −−−−→ · · · where the first three maps are induced by the inclusions and β is the connecting homomorphism associated to the above short exact sequence of chain complexes.

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