AngularJS: Novice to Ninja by Sandeep Panda PDF

By Sandeep Panda

AngularJS: amateur to Ninja is your speedy music path to learning AngularJS, the superheroic JavaScript framework. AngularJS offers the quickest, best solution to construct unmarried web page internet applications.
What will I learn?
In this useful and fun-to-read publication, you'll examine the basics of AngularJS, similar to scopes, modules and controllers. You'll then stream directly to extra refined thoughts, together with utilizing directives, filters and expressions to construct a whole unmarried web page internet application.

Discover the ability of AngularJS's two-way info binding
Using AngularJS and TDD
Get to grips with modules, scopes, and controllers
Enhance your HTML with directives
Build an entire operating unmarried web page weblog software as you learn
And even more

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All of that is possible combining the use of screen data and the three possible events: we've already seen displayBoundsChanged, which is triggered when the screen resolution changes, but we also have displayAdded and displayRemoved, both passing a screen attribute. js, menus can be used in three different contexts: • Contextual menus: This is displayed when right-clicking an element inside the application. • Window menus: On Microsoft Windows and Linux, you can have one per window; however, in Mac OS X, you can have one, which will be shown on the System taskbar, per application.

We're going to go deeper into the Window API subject in the coming sections, but, for now, this is pretty much all you need to know about it. There's one more thing to consider when using Native UI APIs; if you're doing something wrong, the app will crash—no exceptions thrown! That's why, you should follow these good practices: • Remember to assign a null value to deleted/removed elements in order to avoid misbehaviors in case you reuse them • When possible, do not recreate UI elements—reuse them • Do not reassign elements • Do not change the UI type's prototype [ 16 ] Chapter 2 Here's a short summary of all the APIs you're going to master in this chapter: APIs Description App This lets you interact with the basic functionality of the application, including interactions such as opening bound file types, accessing the manifest file, registering global key combinations, or quitting the application.

Exe in order to open it. app/Contents/MacOS/nwjs . app file. json, type: $ ~/nwjs/nw . Running the application, you may notice that a few errors are thrown depending on your platform. js is still young, so that's quite normal, and probably we're talking about minor issues. js GitHub issues page in order to check whether they've already been reported; otherwise, open a new issue—your help would be much appreciated. js has correctly been injected and can be accessed from the DOM. Perhaps, the result is a little different than what you expected since the top navigation bar of Chromium is visible.

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