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By Laurence A. Turner

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The 4 narrative blocks which include Genesis are prefaced through statements ('Announcements') which recommend ways that the consequent tales tend to boost. the writer concludes that the 'Announcements' effect their narratives in lots of alternative ways and they are deceptive symptoms of the way plots will increase. Genesis is extra involved to give the ironies of human rationale and divine windfall than to recount the understanding of any pre-ordained plan on God's half. This unique and fresh monograph, written in a lively type, is bound to change the way in which readers take into account the Genesis tales.

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The Primaeval History 33 on the descendants of Shem, and culminates in the family of Terah. It is difficult to determine the exact point at which the primaeval history ends and the ancestral history begins. It may in fact be better to think in terms of a gradual transition than an abrupt shift from one to the other. 26, Terah... became the father of Abram, Nahor and Haran', then one could see it as ending on an optimistic note. The command to multiply maintains its force right to the end of the primaeval history.

He is a symbol of the transformation the Announcement has undergone. Thus, two of the imperatives in particular (subjugation of the earth and dominion over the animals) undergo significant modification. Although humans increasingly dominate the animal creation and eventually rule despotically (an intensification of the original command), there is an ironic sense in which animals, through the serpent, exercise an ongoing dominion over the humans (a reversal of the original com- 1. e. the serpent's tempting of the first humans to commit the offence affects the rest of their lives and, indeed, human history.

15b), is promotion rather than demotion and can hardly be seen as a curse. 14-15 announces a decisive shift in human-animal relations. g. 48; Richardson, Genesis 1-11, p. 74; Fretheim, Creation, p. 24', pp. 117, 175 n. 35; von Rad, Genesis, p. 32', p. 135; Westermann, Genesis 1-11, p. 14-19', p. 134. 2 Skinner, Genesis, p. 80, who does, however, go on to say that neither side will experience outright victory. Cf. 161. 3 As seen correctly by Wenham, Genesis 1-15, pp. 80,89. 4 I would disagree therefore, with Anderson, 'Creation and Ecology", p.

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