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"This is a advisor to the archaeology of the British Isles, from the Ice Age to the medieval interval. starting with an advent to the equipment and methods of recent archaeology, the writer strikes directly to hide the archaeology of the British Isles, facing such questions as: while the British Isles have been first inhabited; how the good Neolithic monuments have been deliberate and outfitted; and the influence of the Roman Conquest. The advisor is done via a close gazetteer of 468 websites that may be visited."

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During the Mesolithic, the British Isles were mostly covered by the primeval deciduous woodland that botanists refer to as the ‘wildwood’, of which today’s scattered forests are but a pale reflection. Before any crops could be planted, or animals grazed, the wildwood had to be cleared. The British Isles would never be the same again. Pollen samples illustrate the gradual impact of agriculture, and incidentally show that the Neolithic climate was drier and warmer by a few degrees than it is at present.

Other components were prefabricated and brought to the construction site ready for assembly. 27 Tracks from the Somerset Levels: a a ‘corduroy’ road, formed from split logs and brushwood pegged to the natural peat surface; b a plank track, made by supporting dressed planks on a raised peat surface using pegs. Archaeology of the British isles 46 Most of the work involved would therefore have been taken up with felling, preparing and transporting the necessary timber. Tree-ring studies indicate that all the timber used in the Sweet Track was felled in the same year, in the winter of 3807 to 3806 BC, and this implies that each track was planned and built as a whole.

Instead they gather plants and other materials. Yet the nutritional significance of hunting should not be exaggerated. Studies in the field have shown that although meat provides a source of highgrade protein, most of the energy needed comes from plant foods that form the bulk of the diet. Hunting seems to be more important for its social significance, helping to foster the team spirit needed to bind the group together. People such as the San and the Aborigines of Australia are nomadic, needing to change campsites as they exhaust the resources of their immediate area.

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