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Kṛtaṁ kimapi naiva syād iti saṁcintya tattvataḥ yadā yatkartumāyāti tat kṛtvāse yathāsukham Recognising that in reality no action is ever committed, I live as I please, just doing what presents itself to be done. कभभन ैष्कम्य भतनफभन्धबावा देहस्थमोतगन् । ् १३-४॥ ु ॥ संमोगामोगतवयहादहभासे मथासखभ karmanaiṣkarmyanirbandhabhāvā dehasthayoginaḥ saṁyogāyogavirahādahamāse yathāsukham Yogis who identify themselves with their bodies are insistent on fulfilling and avoiding certain actions, but I live as I please abandoning attachment and rejection.

48 ॥ अष्टावक्र गीता ॥Ashtavakra Gita त्वभेकश्चेतन् शिु ो जडं तवश्वभसत्तथा । ु तथातऩ ते॥१०-५॥ अतवर्द्यातऩ न तकं तचत्सा का फबु त्सा tvamekaścetanaḥ śuddho jaḍaṁ viśvamasattathā avidyāpi na kiṁcitsā kā bubhutsā tathāpi te You are one, conscious and pure, while all this is just inert nonbeing. Ignorance itself is nothing, so what need have you of desire to understand? ु करत्रातण शयीयातण सखातन ु याज्यं सता् च। संसिस्यातऩ नष्टातन तव जन्मतन जन्मतन ॥ १०-६॥ rājyaṁ sutāḥ kalatrāṇi śarīrāṇi sukhāni ca saṁsaktasyāpi naṣṭāni tava janmani janmani Kingdoms, children, wives, bodies, pleasures - these have all been lost to you, life after life, attached to them though you were.

52 ॥ अष्टावक्र गीता ॥Ashtavakra Gita तचन्तमा जामते दु्खं नान्यथेहते त तनश्चमी । ु शान्त् सवभत्र गतरतस्पृह् ॥ ११-५॥ तमा हीन् सखी cintayā jāyate duḥkhaṁ nānyatheheti niścayī tayā hīnaḥ sukhī śāntaḥ sarvatra galitaspṛhaḥ Realising that suffering arises from nothing other than thinking, dropping all desires one rids oneself of it, and is happy and at peace everywhere. नाहं देहो न भे देहो फोधोऽहतभतत तनश्चमी । ् ११-६॥ कै वल्यं इव संप्राप्तो न ियत्यकृ तं कृ तभ ॥ nāhaṁ deho na me deho bodho'hamiti niścayī kaivalyaṁ iva saṁprāpto na smaratyakṛtaṁ kṛtam Realising, "I am not the body, nor is the body mine.

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