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The vocal tract is conventionally divided into three interconnected areas, the pharynx, nasal cavity, and oral cavity, or mouth. Outgoing air must pass through the pharynx and from there through the nasal cavity or the oral cavity or both simultaneously. These areas, especially the mouth, are where specific articulations are accomplished by various modifications of the air stream. While such modifications take place in the vocal tract, the vocal cords vibrate or remain motionless, producing, respectively, voiced or voiceless sounds.

The small difference between bilabial and labiodental articulation is not contrastive. 1a). As you know, /p/ and /b/ differ in voicing, and the same is true for /f/ and /v/; /p/ and /f/ are [− voice], /b/ and /v/ are [+ voice]. The nasal /m/ is also [+ voice], but that feature is not distinctive for /m/ or other nasals. If English had both voiced and voiceless nasal consonants, as does the Welsh language, voicing would be distinctive for nasals just as it is for obstruents, but this is not the case.

____ is to /s/ as /v/ is to /z/. Of the four articulators used in English, more consonants are articulated with the ________ than any of the others. Fewest consonants are articulated with the ________. 7 Articulators or points of articulation? The description of consonants used here differs in two ways from what you may find in some other phonology books.

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