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By Dane Rudhyar

Астрология и ее применения в условиях современного мира. Времена проходят и уходят, но остаются звезды и вселенная. Остаются извечные законы мироздания, влияния планет на судьбы людей. Англоязычный автор пишет о взаимоотношениях науки астрологии и мирового сообщества, каждого индивидуума, каждого человека.

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How diffcrcntl Would the fact that an astrologer could have predicred the dates of these events have added something very important to these lives? This is the important The person-oriented, humanistic and holistic approach to astrology changes thc situation radically. 6d-Qntad Asttolog! 79 drive of knowlcdgc for knowlcdgc's sahc can proouce. oricntcd approach of our modern society is thc proud belief that man's greatest achievement is thc control and transformation of nature, that iodecd he is godlikc and in charge of the evolution of all there is around him.

What happensar any momenr oI time carrics everywhcrc thc characteristic quality of this mo, ment. But whcn one advancessuch a mctaphysical concept one leaves the field of cmpirical scienceMorcovcr, this does not really change onc's basic approach to astrology - or more precisely to the meaning and value of astrology. The approach changes only when onc gives a diJferent meaning to the purpose oI astrology: what is astrology FOR? It is assumcd by a great majority of the people that this purposc is to predict, according to the timc and place of their birrh, what is going to happen to them.

Lct us see in greater detail what they imply. AsttotogJ a! ill;n. Some of the most fundamental concepts and intellectual attitudes oI science have bccome radically altered since the beginning of this century. Thc mcchanistic picture of thc universe which has becn built since the days of Newton and Descartesis retained only by those men who are busy merely at the fringe of scientific enquiry and in terms of tcchno' logical applications. A new world-view has been unfolding. Thus one should not be over impressed by pmple who are brandishing the word "scien tific" as a magic wand 1o do a\^'ay with unfamiliar and perhaps "occult" ideas which in fact may parallel the latest concepts of thc gicat physicistj and philosophcrs of our day.

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