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By Scott McMahan

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ISBN-13: 9780879305895

Use Perl with COM concepts in management and DevelopmentDiscover why Perl is definitely the right language for home windows scripting and structures management. writer Scott McMahan explains the Microsoft notion of automation, and indicates you ways you should use Perl with COM innovations to gain it. shop effort and time in management and improvement. Getting the main out of Window's multitasking and networking calls for a unique mind set. This booklet is a hands-on, project-oriented, consultant that demonstrates how one can in achieving automation in MSWindows by means of controlling many Win32 procedure approaches with out instant consumer interplay. enforce options speedy. each one bankruptcy provides a case research during which the writer has used the ability of Perl to automate a few a part of home windows. Code for the courses, and a Perl interpreter, look at the CD-ROM. Discussions variety from natural Perl courses like a UNIX 'cron' clone to courses that use Automation to regulate different software program together with Microsoft place of work purposes. also you'll learn how to: - ship mail the SMTP manner - Automate nightly backups - Smoke try your program in Developer Studio - Use Perl to automate rebuilds - Create C++ add-ins for Perl - Use Perl as a CGI scripting language So sit back! Perl, in home windows, is the final word automation consumer simply because coding is as painless as visible easy, and Perl's power as a scripting language for operating jobs instantly is unprecedented. writer Biography: Scott McMahan manages a community of home windows and UNIX machines at Softbase structures Inc, and has been utilizing Perl due to the fact that 1992. he's a booklet reviewer and writer for the net web site Cyber studies, and an occasional contributor to home windows Developer's magazine.

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Use Perl with COM concepts in management and DevelopmentDiscover why Perl is the right language for home windows scripting and structures management. writer Scott McMahan explains the Microsoft thought of automation, and exhibits you the way you should use Perl with COM options to gain it. retailer effort and time in management and improvement.

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A Function to Send Mail with SMTP I have encapsulated the preceding discussion into a Perl subroutine called smtpmail(), which will send an e-mail message for you. 1. The smtpmail() function has been designed to be called from other programs. You can’t run it by itself. pm. Other programs can use this module and call the function (as shown in the demo). The demo program introduced in the next section and the backup program presented in the next chapter use the function. The smtpmail() function is called with three parameters: the address to which the message will be sent, the subject of the message, and an array containing the lines of the message itself.

The SMTP protocol is simple. ) A typical e-mail message can be sent using four commands. If you have Internet mail protocols on your network, you almost certainly have an SMTP server available. Using SMTP allows you to do an end run around Windows’ MAPI baggage. RFC 821, “SIMPLE MAIL TRANSFER PROTOCOL,” by Jonathan B. Postel, defines the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This protocol has remained stable since August 1982, which proves how well-tested and reliable this protocol has proven to be. ) The name RFC originally meant “Request for Comment,” but RFCs have become documents in which Internet standards are defined.

Upon reading my code, Randall Schwartz suggested: push @msg, "line one\n", "line two\n", "line three\n"; I have also frequently used this syntax inspired by lists: @msg = ("line one\n", "line two\n", "line three\n”); Many other ways exist to add new items to an array. There’s more than one way to do it, and the best method is the one that most naturally expresses the context of the solution. To be fully, 100% standards compliant, all the lines in @msg should end with \r\n. I use \n, which is the lazy way to do it, first because I have never seen an SMTP implementation that couldn’t figure out this syntax, and second because I do most of my coding in C, and never remember to use \r\n.

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