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By Edmund W. Jupp

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The purpose of the "Watching" sequence is to attract cognizance to a few of the very attention-grabbing goods round us, issues that maybe we do not become aware of up to we would. the 1st used to be "Bridge Watching", and whilst this was once placed "on the internet" it produced, to the shock of the writer, this sort of friendly flood of electronic mail that one other used to be written, known as "Water Watching". This, too, used to be kindly obtained. So it was once tempting to proceed with the subject. many folks recognize little or no approximately bells, and a few, unfortunately, understand not anything in any respect. it is a pity for, huge or little, they are often enticing gadgets. chances are you'll imagine that "Bell listening to" may be a greater name; yet taking a look at bells has its personal allure, too. In England, church bells are popular, as a result sounds they make, although many folks haven't visible the bells themselves. Doorbells, too, are normal goods in lots of homes, yet are infrequently appeared with any specific curiosity. a few of these aren't what's popularly imagined as bell-shaped, and are extra correctly chimes. Then there are bicycle bells, cowbells, and lots of different kinds, too, all worth a inspiration. issues which are unfastened are doubly beautiful. It expenses not anything to benefit from the pleasures of having to grasp those fascinating items. studying a bit concerning the interesting features of bells often should be an relaxing career, and will begin a full of life interest approximately them. The extra you recognize approximately them, the extra attention-grabbing they develop into.

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Животные выглядят совсем отлично. В этой книге имеется целый ряд моделей, которые каждый может сделать при помощи иглы. Первые настолько просты, что даже у начинающих не будет трудностей. А опытные почерпнут новые идеи.

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Датская художница войлока Биргитта Краг Хансен разработала метод работы с войлоком, который содействует, чтобы животное выглядело точно таким образом, как человек представляет его себе. При изготовлении лягушки, например, она достает маленькие пучки шерсть при помощи иглы - это похоже на акварель. Можно создавать расплывчатые цветные переходы.
Этот метод, этот принцип, автор оттачивала многие годы. В ее многих курсах и мастер-классах это проверялось, так сказать, на сердце и почках.
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At the top of the swing the dynamic loading falls to zero as the bell comes to rest, then rises to a maximum as it swings down to the lowest point in its travel. This is added to the static load arising from the weight of the bell, so that the total can be considerable in the case of the heavier bells. The maximum loading occurs as the bell passes through the bottom of its swing, varying rhythmically in both magnitude and direction while it is being rung. 36 Bell Watching The dynamic loading is transferred to the frame in which the bells are hung, and is always in the plane of swing.

The total number of different changes possible on a given number of bells can be found by multiplying together the numbers of the bells. After one bell, say number 1, there is a choice of five for continuing, then a choice of four, and so on. Thus, for example, for 6 bells the total is 1x2x3x4x5x6 = 720 possible changes. On 8 bells the number is 1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8=40320; and for 12 bells we have the staggering total of 479,001,600! This latter would take about 27 years to ring at the normal rate. Much has been written on Method Ringing, and the art has been much studied by many interested parties, eminent scientists and mathematicians, too.

Well struck, they can produce a pleasing series of sounds. When you hear call changes, listen for the lightest, highest bell, the treble. With some practice, you will be able to follow it as it moves through and among the other bells. , when it immediately follows the tenor (the lowest, heaviest bell) and the others follow in descending order, then rounds are being rung. You will hear rounds at the start and finish of a peal, or a "touch", (a short part of a peal), and when they are being raised or brought down.

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