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By Tobin Smith

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Nice assessment of the U.S. eco-friendly funding possibilities that i'm going to use in comparing eco-friendly funding possibilities in Asia.

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Because the relatively tiny green energy market right now just means there’s more room to grow green. I call it green headroom, meaning there is vast potential for more and more revenue growth, and more opportunity for green technologies to take a bite out of the overwhelming domination of traditional energy sources. By now I think that an airtight case has been made as to the influence government policy and capital has on green industries. The world’s venture capitalists have embraced green technology in a big way, and I expect more and more money to pour into the multiple market segments striving to make the world greener.

By setting such a price, utility companies are assured of a return on the capital laid out to create renewable power. Other government programs include low-interest loans and loan guarantees; greener building codes; efficiency standards for autos, appliances, and lighting; and biofuel usage requirements. Using this variety of tools at its disposal, governments have really begun to enter into the promotion of all things green. Some critics have accused these actions as merely public relations moves, but whether it’s for PR purposes or for any other reason, the fact that governments are glomming on to the green agenda worldwide is undeniable.

The governmental push for all things green has also put the economics of green in the favorable column for those who control the flow of capital. indd 25 10/24/08 10:55:10 AM 26 Billion Dollar Green has exploded in the twenty-first century, and that money has already found its way back to individual investors positioned in the companies benefiting most from the green explosion. Finally, the growth mandated by a combination of government action and capital influx in green industries is creating a mega-sized profit opportunity in what is still an incredibly young industry.

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