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By Katsuhisa Furukawa, James Revill, Malcolm Dando, Koos van der Bruggen, David B. Sawaya, Benjamin Rusek, Flippa Lentzos, Jonathan B. Tucker, Brian Rappert, Chandr Gould

ISBN-10: 0230223567

ISBN-13: 9780230223561

This e-book explores the origins, interpretations and meanings of the time period biosecurity. It brings jointly members on matters in relation to the perceptions of the specter of organic guns and the way states are responding, or now not, to the demanding situations posed through the potential for the goods of the existence sciences for use for harmful purposes.

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A prominent version of the precautionary principle was given in 1987 in the context of the Brundtland report on sustainable development. Another articulation of it constitutes the tenth major principle recognised at the Rio Summit in 1992. Precaution does not so much focus on individual injury, such as may be caused by an accident, but on col- Filippa Lentzos 31 lective ‘catastrophic’ injury. In the context of possible catastrophe, Ewald writes, calculation is no longer relevant, one must take into account not what is probable or improbable, but what is most feared: ‘I must, out of precaution, imagine the worst possible, the consequence that an infinitely deceptive malicious demon could have slipped into the folds of an apparently innocent enterprise’ (2002: 286).

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