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2 Last year, ten new candidates were accepted for training. 3 Will you be at home on Sunday? 4 A lecturer in engineering should never lack work. 5 We need not keep you any longer. 4 PRONOUNS • A pronoun is a word used for/instead of/in place of a noun. The name provides the clue: 'pronoun'. • In sentences, pronouns do the same work as nouns. They identify people and things, though they do not specifically name them as do nouns. Examples 1 George and Hetty had been waiting impatiently for the train and they boarded it quickly as soon as it came in.

Answer: 'the famous portrait of Jenny's grandfather was hanging'. Verb: was hanging Subject of verb: the famous portrait of Jenny's grandfather Test 21 Answers on page 163. Which word or words in each of these sentences tells us what the person or thing named by the subject does or is? 1 2 3 4 5 Breathless with excitement, Mary untied the parcel. The nocturnal intruder must have opened that window. The ramblers appeared to be very tired. Past midnight, the student was still revising. The rough crossing upset everybody.

1 DEFINITION OF THE SIMPLE SENTENCE As we have seen earlier: (i) Every sentence consists of a subject and a predicate. (ii) Every predicate must contain a verb. It follows that every sentence must contain a verb and the subject of that verb. A simple sentence contains one verb (and only one verb) plus the subject of that verb. Not all sentences are simple, of course. Many have more than one verb and more than one subject. Nevertheless, the grammar of the simple sentence lays down the basic pattern on which all other sentences are built.

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