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Shiki soku ze kū, quoted from the Heart Sutra. In this sentence of the Heart Sutra, the meaning of “emptiness” is more philosophical: it suggests “the immaterial” face of reality as opposed to matter. The sutra says that the immaterial and the material are two faces of the same reality. See Chapter Two (Vol. I), Maka-hannya-haramitsu. ” The master says, “One stone in space. . ” See Keitokudentōroku, chapter 15. “Space” is also a translation of kū. Master Daikan Enō. Master Daiman Kōnin. The Five Peaks.

It is a guiding teacher. It has command of the style of behavior that is free of hindrances. It is unhindered wisdom. Hence it is able to utilize cause-andeffect, and it is free in happiness and wisdom. It becomes the carriage that carries cause-and-effect. In life it is not subject to detention by life. 108 In the five aggregates it is like a gate opening: unhindered by the five aggregates, it departs and stays freely, and leaves and enters without difficulty. ”109 These then are the words of Hyakujō.

The action of getting free of the body, at just the moment of containment, contains self and contains other people. ”152 That being so, although we have been making the mistake for a long time—which has deepened into days and deepened into months—of half-learning matters on the periphery of the Buddha-Dharma, this may be the state of the dog that has forcibly entered a concrete skinbag. Though it knowingly commits a deliberate violation, it has the buddha-nature. [89] In the order of Master Chōsha Keishin,153 government official Jiku154 asks, “An earthworm has been cut into two, and the two parts are both moving.

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